Dance can be the intentional artistic expression of the spirit through the moving body.

The Creative Ballet and Movement Studios offer classes for students from ages 3 1/2 years to adult. All classes are taught by Lili Loveday. Ms. Loveday is a New York State teacher in Dance Education K – 12 and has been involved with dance performance and instruction since 1973. She also presents workshops and classes for people with disabilities and special needs; and she travels to teach in public and private schools as an Artist in Residence.

In Creative Movement philosophy, which is incorporated in all classes, all movement is a valuable exploration. All body shapes and sizes are admired for their expressive qualities. Beauty is in the imagination and in the moving body of the child, as well as in (and regardless of) the eye of the beholder. Self-expression in a supportive environment is essential for building a positive self-image.

Creative Movement classes include many styles of sensory and physical learning and are useful to children of all levels. Young children, who are still learning primarily through their senses, benefit from moving creatively to express what they are learning in their school classrooms. Older children, encouraged to focus on less sensory-oriented intellectual concepts, find it valuable to express their knowledge through movement as well as through verbalization. Children develop listening skills by moving to music, sound, poetry, etc. Through visual–body exercises, such as copying specific movements, children develop reading skills like tracking and shape recognition. Social skills, such as cooperation, develop as students move together in groups to stories, songs, etc. Positive comments by peers and teachers help the children build self-esteem. For all children, expressing their thought and ideas through creative movement as well as moving to words and music is a reinforcing experience.

The Value of Dance Movement in General Education