The Young Performers’ Creative Dance Company is a gathering of dance students and guests from various disciplines and countries who work, dance, and travel to perform together and with dance students of other regions

Background and Process

Required of YPCDC members (ages 14 and up) is a background of 3-4 years of dance or similar athletic experience and weekly participation in technique classes, rehearsals and home study. A positive attitude toward self, others, and our work is encouraged at all times, as it is essential to the interpersonal and performing success of the group. YPCDC members work with Lili Loveday, Director, to learn modern and expressive dance techniques and to explore choreographic concepts.

Over the past 20 years, the YPCDC has been commissioned for presentations at libraries, theatres, museums, senior citizen communities, public and private academic and dance schools, arts centers, parks and site-specific special public and private events. The Young Performers’ Creative Dance       Company has given workshops and performed in Connecticut, Maine, Massachussetts, New York, Vermont, USA, and in Montreal, Canada. We have hosted guests from China, Colombia, Congo, Gambia, Ghana, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand.

Inspiration for YPCDC choreography includes poetry and narratives written for Company works, music composed for specific pieces, traditional myths and stories, movement explorations, musical improvisations, and other areas of interest to the group.

Our repertoire includes pieces incorporating movements and languages from cultures in and outside the U.S.A., pieces related to slavery and the Underground Railroad, pieces focusing on the natural environment, and other universal human issues. Q & A sessions are an important part of our dialogue with audience and workshop participants.


The YPCDC has worked with sponshorship from many sources, including the New Yorks State Council on the Arts, the Stewarts Corporation, the New York State Museum, the Dance Flurry, the Troy Junior Museum, the Adirondack School of NENY, the Steal Away to Freedom Foundation, the Saratoga Springs Public  Library, the Amsterdam Library, First Night, L’Ecole de la Danse, and others, including donations from individuals.

Depending on available funding, musical and narrative accompaniment for presentations may be live or recorded; and the number of dancers and guest artists varies from 6 – 12. Travel time and lodging may be included or billed separately. Our prices begin at $325.00; but the YPCDC negotiates prices; and strives to accommodate as many reasonable presentation requests as possible.

Exchange Programs

We are continually interested in furthering our Artistic Youth Embassador & Exchange Programs with other dance and music groups both within the U.S. and with other countries.

YPCDC Dance Performance, Workshop* format example

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • A short dialogue with the audience
  • Audience-participatory game
  • Audience prep and Dance Presentation / Performance
  • Brief lecture – demonstration
  • Dance Presentation / Performance
  • Q & A with Dancers (and Musicians) and Audience

Time length: 1-2 hours

Presentations are designed to fit the needs of any audience, as requested by our Sponsors / Hosts.

Please contact us to book a YPCDC presentation or workshop.

* Expressive Dance Workshops led by Lili Loveday (without a YPCDC performance) are also available to groups.